I recently needed to create a view of type “Term” that displayed taxonomy terms and their description for certain vocabulary.

The setup for that was quite simple:

  • Create a taxonomy view
  • Choose the vocabulary in the filter
  • Add the description field

This gave me the list of all the terms under the vocabulary.

But, the view has to show only the parent terms or the top-level terms in the vocabulary hierarchy.

I instantly went looking for a depth modifier filter or argument handler, but no such luck, you just can’t restrict to a level in the hierarchy.

Then, it struck me that a term with no parent is the top-level term or parent term based on the Relationships.

With this assumption, it was fairly simple to get the parent terms

  • I added a relationship - Relationship: Parent
  • Under filter criteria added Taxonomy term: Term ID
  • Added the Relationship: Parent
  • Selected Is Empty (NULL) under operator

Voila. I got the parent terms under the vocabulary.